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Our Mission


We believe that education is a basic human right and that every child throughout the world deserves the opportunity to attend school so they can brighten their prospects for the future.  This needs to be done in a sustainable manner, and we believe that by providing schools and communities with business models, we can reduce or eliminate aid dependence.  


We also believe that education is the best way to come together as human beings to promote peace and understanding.


By providing children across the world with schools, scholarships and other educational necessities, we can achieve our goals.   


About Blue Kitabu

Our Goals


Blue Kitabu will work with communities to construct vital school infrastructure.


In regions that have infrastructure, but untrained teachers, Blue Kitabu intends to not only help find the best educators possible, but also to work with existing educators  to improve their teaching effectiveness.


Blue Kitabu will create innovative materials for teachers to administer lessons.


Blue Kitabu will work to seek and assist children who are orphaned and who are the most vulnerable. With these children the organization will first ensure that their basic needs are met and second ensure that they are able to attend and succeed in school.


We hope to accomplish the above objectives in a sustainable manner and with community involvement.

The Board of Directors


Elizabeth M Barreras

Chief Executive Officer  


Alexander J Rivest

Chief Development Officer  


Katie Strunk


Chukwuma Azuonye


Virginia Egan


David Adu-Amankwah


Damtew Teferra


Biorn Maybury-Lewis


Charles Bonsu


Biographies coming soon!


Where We Work


Rwanda, Ghana, Kenya, More to Come!

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