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Golden Era Photography Project: Ghana



50 Cameras


50 Third, Fourth and Fifth Graders


Hundreds of Film Rolls


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Coming soon: Blue Kitabu in Kenya



In spring 2010 Blue Kitabu will break ground on a school project in a remote community in the Loita Hills of Kenya.  The Loita Hills are located on the border of Tanzania and are home to the indigenous Maasai tribe, known for their bright red traditional dress.  The nearest school is ten miles away and most of the Maasai children have, therefore, not had the opportunity to attend formal schooling.  Blue Kitabu is building a one room schoolhouse for 50 children in this community where the educational needs have been overlooked by the Kenyan government.




Asebu Free School Project for Orphans and Street Children



Blue Kitabu is currently building a Free School and Orphanage for 200 students in the Asebu community of Ghana.  Asebu is located in the Central Region of Ghana, one of the poorest districts of the country.  The Free-School will serve orphans from the entire Central Region.  Many of these orphans have lost one or both parents to HIV/AIDS or have been afflicted with the disease themselves.  The school will also be attended by vulnerable children living in the Asebu community.


Our school and curriculum focuses on educating students for success in academics and in life.  It is our hope that through entrepreneurial and technological skills training these students will be able to find opportunities to sustain themselves in the future.  This school, like all of Blue Kitabu’s school projects, has a sustainable business model which will help to break the cycle of foreign aid to developing countries.  In the case of this project, an on-site Internet cafe and community center will provide the funds necessary to support the school.  Once the school is up and running Blue Kitabu’s role will change from the role of funder and project manager to consultant.  




Practical, Hands-On Teacher Training for Our Teachers



Blue Kitabu is building and preparing to implement an innovative teacher training which will provide hands-on, practical methods for teachers to be more effective in the classroom.